Who We Are

About Us

Unity of Traverse City is a thriving spiritual community! The church began as a small study group in 1979. In 1983, the ministry incorporated under the love and guidance of 13 founding members. Four years later, in February 1987, the construction of our current campus was completed and the first celebration service was offered in our spiritual home.

From that point forward, the ministry has continued to grow and prosper under the leadership of its ministers, staff, board of trustees, members, and very dedicated volunteers.

We are proud of all we have been and continually excited about all that is yet to be! We welcome you to join us and be a participant of a loving, inclusive, and welcoming ministry.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Joyfully united in unconditional love, we celebrate a world alive with unlimited potential.


We are a thriving, Spirit-centered community, dedicated to living Truth principles that transform lives and the world.

Core Values

  • Love

We express unconditional love, acknowledging God’s presence in ourselves and in all people.

Organizational Behaviors

  1. We welcome all people with acceptance and love.
  2. Our Sunday lessons teach the unconditional love of God.
  3. We offer programs and activities for our youth that affirm their inherent goodness and their creation as children of a loving God.

Individual Behaviors

  1. I look for the good in every situation, circumstance, and person.
  2. I embrace the Christ presence within me and treat myself with loving care.
  3. I lovingly share my time, talents, and treasure with my spiritual community.
  • Service

We joyously share our gifts with our local, national, and global communities.

Organizational Behaviors

  1. We align with community events and organizations and volunteer in sacred service throughout the year.
  2. We sponsor and support outreach programs that benefit people and organizations in our local communities.
  3. We look for ways to foster relationships of service with other faith traditions in our local community.

Individual Behaviors

  1. I look for ways to be of service in my greater community.
  2. I happily share my financial abundance with those experiencing challenges.
  3. I remain aware of current events and prayerfully discern ways in which I can make a positive difference in the world.
  • Spirit-Led

We turn within to Spirit for wisdom, clarity, and guidance.

Organizational Behaviors

  1. We begin all services, events, and activities with prayer.
  2. Our Sunday lessons affirm the power of affirmative prayer and time spent in the silence.
  3. We consistently offer tools and practices to deepen and strengthen our understanding and application of spiritual principles.

Individual Behaviors

  1. I take time in prayer and meditation each day as part of my spiritual practice.
  2. I regularly attend classes or workshops that encourage and support my spiritual growth.
  3. I consistently express gratitude and remain open to ongoing growth and transformation in my life.
  • Compassion

We express kindness and heartfelt empathy to those moving through times of challenge.

Organizational Behaviors

  1. We provide congregational care support to congregants through our prayer ministry, bereavement program, and Angel     Team.
  2. We offer spiritual counseling on a love offering basis.
  3. We take life challenges into prayer in our Sunday services.

Individual Behaviors

  1. I take life challenges into my daily prayer practice.
  2. I listen with empathy and without judgment to those experiencing a challenge.
  3. I step into service and offer assistance when another is in need.
  • Integrity

We express in ways that are authentic, transparent, and in alignment with our Vision, Mission, and Values.

Organizational Behaviors

  1. We make decisions that are grounded in prayer, in alignment with the bylaws of the ministry, and in support of our           Vision, Mission, and Values.
  2. We share information whenever possible in the spirit of transparency and inclusiveness.
  3. We encourage input, participation, and feedback from the congregation on a regular basis.

Individual Behaviors

  1. I gratefully and respectfully fulfill my commitments to the ministry.
  2. I offer my opinions and perspectives to the ministry, while remaining open to additional points of view.
  3. I resolve disagreements by speaking lovingly and directly with those with whom I have conflict.