How Curiosity Will Save Us Book Study Group

Curiosity Study Group

I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times

The goal of the study group is to discuss the author’s ideas and suggestions on how to have “fearlessly curious" conversation in these very polarized times.

The tools provided in this book along with video interviews with the author will be used to  facilitate our discussions.  The author points out the self fulfilling nature of our choices to NOT engage…we become more and more polarized and less capable or inclined to reach across the divide. 

Let’s make the choice to be the difference we want to see.

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WEEK 1: Part I and Video

WEEK 2: Part II and Video

Thank you for gathering last week after the service.  We will not have discussion group after this Sunday’s service but will resume the following Sunday, March 26th from 12:15-1:30pm.

In the meantime, please continue enjoying the book and be sure to read Part II CURIOSITY (pg 49-97).  This looks at the idea of something being “Beyond Your Ken” as well as the 5 “dials” to have set for a successful “fearlessly curious conversation”: 1) Enough time, 2) Attention, 3) Parity, 4) Containment, and 5) Embodiment.

Please watch the below video with he author  

See you the 26th!

Week 3: Part III and Podcast

Part III PEOPLE (pg 101-148)

Please continue reading INTOIT.  We will talk about pg 101-148. Raise your awareness of your invisible assumption assistant whispering to you introductions about people you don’t know at all…filling in all the details your assumptions make.  Also, pg.134, “Are you willing to believe that you are wrong about something? I think so, because we have been wrong about so many things before. So, I’m wrong, I just don’t know what I am wrong about.” This should produce some humility👍

Week 4: Book Completion and Video

Anyone is welcome to join in this last group discussion about how to have "Fearlessly Curious Conversation in Dangerously Divided Times”.  Finish up reading or listening to the book if you have it and watch this week’s video!